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Year 8 Classwork — Week Ending 16/11/2007

Last week: for those students not in California, we looked at the monk Savonarola and completed p. 16 and 17 in the textbook and wrote a newpaper article about the death of Savonarola.  This week we are looking further a one of the main causes that you studied in your assessment: the printing press.  We read p. 38-41 and completed questions 4-8 on page 41.


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Year 7 Classwork — Week Ending 16/11/2007

In year 7 this week, your received your assessments and test back. Good job to those who did well and a note to try harder to those who didn’t do as well as they thought they could.

We continued looking at our new topic: Islamic civilisations. A worksheet was passed out and we also created a large timeline of important dates.

Homework: complete sheet


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