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Year 9 Classwork and homework — Week Ending 28/9/2007

This week, students used the homwork they completed about their enlightened thinker to then create a poster highlighting the main important features of their person.

Homework: 1.  Finish poster, if not done already 2.  Complete p. 7 question 1 about long, short and trigger causes of the revolution.


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Year 7 Classwork — Week Ending 28/09/2007

This week students have been studying chronology. They have created a timeline of their own lives.

Homework: Students need to have a completed copy of their timelines for the first lesson of next week.

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Year 8 Classwork — Week Ending 28/09/2007

This week grade 8 has been looking at the introduction of the Renaissance. Students had to read p 8 and 9 in their books and answer question 3

Students also watched a short video about the changes that occurred during the Renaissance.

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Year 9 Classwork and homework — Week Ending 21/9/2007

This week in class we started looking at the causes of the French Revolution. We studied a bit about the three Estates and started to look at the Enlightenment.

Click on Enlightenment for the homework
Causes of the French Revolution Powerpoint



Answer the following questions for either Rousseau, Diderot, or Paine


Where and when was he born

2.2.   What were the main events in his life?

3.3.   What were his greatest achievements?

4.4.   What was his impact?

ALL sources must be listed on your homework and plagiarism will be punished severely.


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9N Form — 14 September 2007

Today in class you were given a sheet entitled: Homework Management: Part One

You needed to complete this sheet (questions 1-3) and stick it into your scrap book.

Homework:        Three copies of your student profile due next Friday (21/09)

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